Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Tribute

My heartful condolences to all the brave and slain warriors of the nation who lost their lives and also to those who lost their near and dear ones across the world. My salutes the the brave warriors who kept their nerves on and fought till the last terrorist was killed.

Finally the shelling has ended and we have taken control of the place after 62 long hours with more than 200 innocent bodies and over 300 wounded. But is the word "stopped" rightly used? I just like many other fellow Indians feel "paused" to be more apt than "ended". 

The pains of the people who suffered in the attack cannot be comprehended in words. People are so terrified with the incident that they are afraid to move freely in day light, leave about nights. Indiscriminate firing at 11 places before taking up the hotels shows how planned the attack was which meant that they might have planned atleast  a few months ago. Why did our Intelligence agencies not aware of their plans? If they were aware, did they warn the government of such attack and if yes why didnt the government have plans to abort their plans? This year we have witnessed almost 4-5 attacks in almost all major cities of our country. What have we learnt from those attacks? It is also known that our nation is prone to such terrorist attacks than any other country in the world. So why isnt our Intelligence network strengthened? The death toll in those attacks werent high doesnt mean that we have curbed the human losses. But it was deliberately planned not to take lives, but instead to warn the government of their reach, the potential damage they could do to humanity and our economy. But still the government has not any mechanism in place to deal with such people and to thwart their plans. 

It all started long back in the name of Kashmir but during the years it has permeated to the whole of India. Their objective has moved from a religious struggle to a war on mankind who cannot tolerate peace and tranquility. The Mumbai episode clearly suggests the victory of such people who only follow the religion of only "HATRED" and the the defeat of governments in failing to protect the citizens. The prime culprits are not the ones who create havoc but are the people who brainwash innocent people in the name of religion. Terrorism has become like an industry with people who are least bothered about their lives who try to fulfill the malign motives of some mental and sick people.

Though securing borders should be the first right step to secure our mainland but just increasing the vigil at our borders including land or sea is not going to solve the purpose, because they will devise plans to sneak in and no system is so foolproof that it cannot allow a handful of people with malign motives.  The roots of the problem lies in the terrorist training camps located in PoK. So why not the government take steps to clean it though its under the occupation of Pakistan. The whole world is with us and the government should use this opportunity proactively. If America could bombard Afghanistan and Iraq for 9/11 the government too should prove that it cares for the citizens of this nation and take it as a challenge to cleanse the world from the evils of hatred. Rhetorics of politics will only lead us to a situation  similar to this. Its high time the governments actions should speak for us. 

The costs of such attack may be huge and any reciprocal action by the Pakistan may also have a great impact on our country but atleast our next generation will live a life of peace. I am sure almost the whole nation will support such a stance. The much coveted attack will also be a tribute to all the brave soldiers who laid their life. 

I am not against any religion or Muslims in particular but I am against all those fanatics who follow the religion of "HATRED" and who know only the language of bullets.



Anonymous kunal said...

jai hind..

December 3, 2008 at 4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jai hind

December 3, 2008 at 4:04 AM  
Anonymous Ravish said...

Condolences for the people whose loved ones were killed/injured in the attacks...
Salute to the Armed forces and the commandos...
"dude,write smaller posts" to u

January 3, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

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