Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Tribute

My heartful condolences to all the brave and slain warriors of the nation who lost their lives and also to those who lost their near and dear ones across the world. My salutes the the brave warriors who kept their nerves on and fought till the last terrorist was killed.

Finally the shelling has ended and we have taken control of the place after 62 long hours with more than 200 innocent bodies and over 300 wounded. But is the word "stopped" rightly used? I just like many other fellow Indians feel "paused" to be more apt than "ended". 

The pains of the people who suffered in the attack cannot be comprehended in words. People are so terrified with the incident that they are afraid to move freely in day light, leave about nights. Indiscriminate firing at 11 places before taking up the hotels shows how planned the attack was which meant that they might have planned atleast  a few months ago. Why did our Intelligence agencies not aware of their plans? If they were aware, did they warn the government of such attack and if yes why didnt the government have plans to abort their plans? This year we have witnessed almost 4-5 attacks in almost all major cities of our country. What have we learnt from those attacks? It is also known that our nation is prone to such terrorist attacks than any other country in the world. So why isnt our Intelligence network strengthened? The death toll in those attacks werent high doesnt mean that we have curbed the human losses. But it was deliberately planned not to take lives, but instead to warn the government of their reach, the potential damage they could do to humanity and our economy. But still the government has not any mechanism in place to deal with such people and to thwart their plans. 

It all started long back in the name of Kashmir but during the years it has permeated to the whole of India. Their objective has moved from a religious struggle to a war on mankind who cannot tolerate peace and tranquility. The Mumbai episode clearly suggests the victory of such people who only follow the religion of only "HATRED" and the the defeat of governments in failing to protect the citizens. The prime culprits are not the ones who create havoc but are the people who brainwash innocent people in the name of religion. Terrorism has become like an industry with people who are least bothered about their lives who try to fulfill the malign motives of some mental and sick people.

Though securing borders should be the first right step to secure our mainland but just increasing the vigil at our borders including land or sea is not going to solve the purpose, because they will devise plans to sneak in and no system is so foolproof that it cannot allow a handful of people with malign motives.  The roots of the problem lies in the terrorist training camps located in PoK. So why not the government take steps to clean it though its under the occupation of Pakistan. The whole world is with us and the government should use this opportunity proactively. If America could bombard Afghanistan and Iraq for 9/11 the government too should prove that it cares for the citizens of this nation and take it as a challenge to cleanse the world from the evils of hatred. Rhetorics of politics will only lead us to a situation  similar to this. Its high time the governments actions should speak for us. 

The costs of such attack may be huge and any reciprocal action by the Pakistan may also have a great impact on our country but atleast our next generation will live a life of peace. I am sure almost the whole nation will support such a stance. The much coveted attack will also be a tribute to all the brave soldiers who laid their life. 

I am not against any religion or Muslims in particular but I am against all those fanatics who follow the religion of "HATRED" and who know only the language of bullets.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Encounter with a Thug

One fine Sunday afternoon I along with my friends had a very pleasant get together at a nearby restaurant where we talked about our work and college days. After a long time we all could find time from our busy life for each other. We talked about various topics including daily routine of office and home, how we had changed ourselves in the last couple of years, old friends and their updates and lot many things. Meanwhile we had a petite lunch and then bid bye to each other and we all left for our places.

On my way to home the talks were reverberating in my mind and I was in a very good mood laughing myself recollecting the leg pullings. If anyone would have noticed me laughing at myself he would have definitely thought me to be an insane moron. But I guess nobody saw me as I couldnt see them for I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts. I thanked God for the wonderful time spent few moments ago.

As I was walking down to my home on  a road secluded and abandoned during Sunday afternoons two persons voice brought me back form the world of thought to the world of reality. They were dressed up in the typical Hindu priests costume having On written down in all over their apparels. What they needed was only a rupee for Mata Vaishnavi Devi ( a famous Hindu god of North India ) Since I didnt mind shelling out a  rupee for all the blessings of the God I opened up my purse in front of them and as I had no change I pulled up a five rupee coin and handed it over to the guy. He took out a small replica of that God and gave it to me as asked me to keep it with me for the rest of life. I was about to leave when he asked me to take out the largest denomination note in my purse and make it sacred by the blessings of God only by making it touch to the photo picture of God. Not aware of his intentions I handed him a hundred rupee note and he murmered something and asked me to give the thousand rupee note which I had to make it sacred too. Then I wondered why was he interested in making my money sacred. I could smell something fishy then and I asked him to return back my hundred rupee note and pretended to be in a hurry. He didnt return my note and held it firmly in his fists. I tried to reach his fist and get my money back but he handed it over to the guy next to him who was his accomplice and left the place. This guy started assuring me that they would return back my money only after making my thousand rupee note sacred. 

Now I was sure of their intentions and tried to trick this second guy by saying that I would make my thousand rupee note sacred but only after getting back my previous note. But that expert judged my intentions rightly and was adamant that he is not going to hand over the note untill i showed him my new note. I became more bold and asked my money back in harsh voice. That is when he realised that his chances of convincing me are in vain and asked me to think that I have contributed my money to two hungry people and my money is used for a noble cause and placed the note in his bag under his shoulders. I reached back to him to get it back but stopped back before placing my hands inside.

Wat I saw inside was horrible.  Can you people guess what was inside? There were 2 snakes inside his bag.  Even though I knew that those snakes werent poisonous I didnt dare to put my hands in. He laughed at me and I threatened to complain about him to the police. In reply he said that he didnt get the note from me and reminded me that I had given the money to the first person who had now left from the place. After his reply I tried to recollect my poor knowledge of laws of catching an accomplice but by that time the second person too left and there was no trace in which direction he fled. I had never believed I could ever be tricked this way.

Now I am in a dilemma whether I should thank God for saving my thousand rupee note or scold him for making someone get away with my hard earned money in such an easy and cheap way. And should I term that act of those guys a good stategy to earn money?

What do you people say? And what had you done had you been in my place ? In the end I would ask you people to be aware of these types of thugs and tricksters.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Death Clock

Run ..... run ....... run .... but how far can you run? The more we run the more we become exhausted and end our vital energy resources. But can our run, stop us from dying?  

Most people dont understand the reality that the more we run the more closer we are to the much dreaded and inevitable DEATH. The reality is we are born to die but in our span of life we should achieve something so that we close our eyes peacefully and go for a honeymoon kissing and beholding it in our arms to some world unknown to us in some multidimensional age andtime.

We are also into the belief that the moment our heart starts beating our death timer also begins but i believe its not true. Death is always ahead of us and there is a wide gap between life and death. Death controls its pace and we control the pace of life. The trouble arises only when we increase our pace under the impression that Death follows us which in reality is far ahead of us and end up closing the gap given between death and life and eventually meet Death.

Death is a phenomenon which neither the US President nor the Worlds Most Powerful Persons can evade. Death doesnt believe in name, caste, creed, colour ,sex, species. It treats everybody uniformly. Have you ever wondered why many plants and many more species live longer than we do, the technically advanced human beings? Being the rulers of this planet we still have no elixir nor will we have in the forthcoming years. 

Our ancestors who were technically backward compared to the current generation had a longetivity period less than us it was mainly because of the frequent wars fought between kingdoms. If there werent any such wars then i can bet a 1000 pounds that they could have lived much more longer than us only because they never cared for death. They were ready to kiss it and lived their life king size even though most of them were peasants. 

When we talk to people everybody is interested to go to heaven but nobody is ready to die..... How is it possible to reach heaven without dying? Death acts only like a bridge to take us from this world to our dreamworld, the Heaven and our God is only helping us reach there to fulfill our dreams of meeting the angels there and we homo sapiens should not be worried about the world there . We are not meant to dance on others tunes but make others  dance to our tunes. I am sure we can make heaven dance to our tunes and make it similar to the world which we live in.....And who knows what God has for us in his store ? So chill , relax, smoke, drink beer, cherish each and every moment of life and live as if you are living for the last day and most importantly kiss Death if you ever come across it. And I am sure if u wanna kiss it, it wont even dare to come to you early as it would know that it has to handle a bold and corageous person unlike the one who is all the time afraid of DEATH. 

This is how we can compell DEATH to revamp its policies towards human beings. Let the clock of DEATH keep on ticking and we will keep on changing............

Friday, June 27, 2008

I want those moments back !!!

Hey guys and gals,
This is my first blog ..... so no negative feedback for few days ..... 11
Now it has been over 2 years since i was kicked out of my hostel ( Not exactly kicked but i had to leave ). Though staying back would have meant an extra year of tolerating those trical wizards. I am almost out of touch with all my friends with whom i enjoyed my last days and i cherish those moments till date... All those guys who were close to my heart are now far away me having their own set of busy life ... The lucky ones are the Bangaloreons where the major chunk of our batch resides. Those people still enjoy the company of our fellowmates during weekends.

I never wanted to go to North but destiny wasnt in my hands. I tried hard to change it but all my efforts were in vain may be i lacked the required enthusiasm and effort needed to change it.

During the beginning of the month i had been there and spent a quality time with those parted friends which brought back the memories of our hostel life like the games, leg pulling, staying awake late night, the Puris at Tadambel at dawn , the smoking , the booze parties , the coffee at Krishna, the tensions of xeroxed notes during exams.... and the never ending list goes on and on.... like the arrow from the bow of Arjun of Ramanand Sagar Productions untill it was intercepted by the xams of our eighth semester when we had to bid adieu to fellowmates. It was irrestible to hold back our tears and everybody tried their best to hold it back in their lower eye lid.. but some weak people like me who couldnt control much dragged it till their cheeks.

I want to go ahead in life with those friends who cared nothing but only friendship and wanted to get united as soon as possible and once i am there i would pray god not to make my tear glands work again....

Let me wait for that auspicious time..... Tick ... tick ..... tick ......